Art Piece Making Machine Community Art

Let the audience invest HKD$10 on a page of record, a new life, a piece of local art and buy a hope that will realize two years later. Draw the concept of Stock Futures into the thinking of artist to explore the love-hate relationship between international art fair and location art. “Art Vending Machine” provided a chance of art investment to public economically, therefore the artist needs to produce art in automation for having some time off to work to support one’s family. These two years, the “Machine” will raise the capital in difference mode to comply with the “Local Art Futures Contract”.

Lure of Red Kinetic Animation

Money is neutral matter, depending on how you treat it. In the lure of red, is the money black or white?

Big Part Kinetic Art

Big part of our live is doing same thing : “Moving”. The point is can you active or you are passive. I choose interactively.

Left Right Left Kinetic Art

Left or Right? He is swaying between two difficulties. The greatest show ends unexpectedly. We just want to be closer.

Money is looking at you Projection Installation

Money is an intimate friend of ours. Money is looking at you whatever you buy the land or sell the house / building. Money is looking at you whatever you buy a well-known brand or sell luxurious handbags. Money is looking at you whatever you buy sweet potatoes or sell Chinese style desserts. Money is looking at you whatever you buy life or sell time.

Inter Grow Interactive Projection Art

Interactive Projection Art in Hong Kong shopping mall is introduced in iSQUARE. The art piece makes the mall full of vitality, brings the nature into the shopping mall from the outdoors. People would interact with the images projected on the walls along a 37-metre long express escalator from MTR level to Lobby floor. The moves of people like water flows, to grow up the nature, at the same time to make it more active.

RMB Oil Painting

On the topic of globalization, the role of money is competing for power between countries. A piece of HK $ 100 was issued by the US Federal Reserve but his name was RMB.