Cycle :   Interactive Kinetic Art

"Cycle" is interactive kinetic art, which is about the transformation of water when it fights for its way to go. Who can remember the trajectory of water and fog? Let’s take a look, it’s not beautiful or not, it’s only existence and change. As time goes by, you'll forget all of it, but nothing is immortal, prosperity and decay must have its cycle. Water in the cup travels from the bottom to the top through the wick, is spread away by the system to leave different water stains. The stains and speed of system rotation are interacted by changes in atmospheric humidity and Hang Seng Index.

Where is survival? The relationship between art and money is changing the context of the artwork. Market is a place of development of relationship, trust and hope, but society is only built on the supremacy of money. From discovering the operation of financial markets to the aesthetics of machinery, there is the way to looking for clues in the search for what is the uses of art. "Cycle" is wall-mounted installation.

Participated Exhibition

2018 Nov.

“THE” Survey Exhibition in Cattle Depot Artist Village Hong Kong (Presented by C&G Artpartment)