Fading Stone :   Kinetic Art Drawing Machine

Under the influence of the pandemic and the social movement in Hong Kong, this work is a record of a part of the great changes that are taking place at the moment.

“Fading Stone” is a drawing machine that uses water as a drawing medium. By creating this machine from the calculations, modelling the mechanical parts, to the assembly of woodworking, these process let me think calmly to explore a question about the cycle of prosperity and decline. The culture and values of my place are gradually disappearing, and I just artlessly hope that I can get my thinks back. The imperturbable drawing machine replaced me in expressing my perseverance. Using water as a metaphor, It is trying hard to draw a stone or even a mountain. Although the water can’t leaving any traces, but it just transforms into another form. Eventually it will return and flow onto the canvas to create new traces.

This drawing machine made in a continuous circular drawing structure, the location of the stepper motor is not normally placed in the horizontal X axis and the vertical Y axis. It applied a new method and calculation of coordinates in the program for generating images. The mechanical parts inside the machine are all unique design, modelling and 3D printing. The core of this machine is controlled by an esp8266 wifi Arduino microcontroller, therefore the drawing images, speed, and the flow of water can be adjust and controlled wirelessly by a tablet or laptop computer.