Water Traces :   Kinetic Art - Drawing Machine

“Water Traces” is a kinetic drawing machine that uses water as a drawing medium. The mechanical movement let me think calmly to explore a question about the cycle of prosperity and decline. The imperturbable drawing machine replaced me in expressing my perseverance. Using water as a metaphor, It is trying hard to draw a stone or even a mountain. Although the water can’t leaving any traces, but it just transforms into another form. Eventually it will return and flow onto the canvas to create new traces.

The work also invites the audience to sketch the water traces on the canvas. As time goes by, the water traces disappear and reappear without a fixed form, It cannot be described. The audience can only create the forgotten moments in their mind through imagination.

"Water Traces" Dimension:
60cm(w) x 55cm(h) x 28cm(d)

Participated Exhibition

2021 Sep.

“I won’t suicide declarations, 2019 Hong Kong” Documentation and Art Exhibition in Manchester, United Kingdom (Presented by Athena’s Army)