Would You Like a Receipt :   Kinetic Installation

There are many similarities between the UK and Hong Kong, such as street design, children's playground facilities, and even the stone steps on hiking trails. Despite never having been to the UK before, since moving there in 2021, I have strangely evoked memories of my childhood in this unfamiliar place. When I think about British culture, I realised that we are a part of it. Hong Kong is the last colony of Britain and we are the final chapter of British decolonisation process. Should a dialogue beyond the constraints of time and space become possible, would this particular line of dialogue come into existence? “It's time to pay now. Would you like a receipt?”

"Would You Like a Receipt" Dimension:
Variable Dimensions

Participated Exhibition

2023 Mar.

“Strange Faces in the Mirror” Art Exhibition in Manchester, United Kingdom (Presented by HK Cultural Community)